Welcome to Trinity

Trunk or Treat
October 30, 2016

Join us for our annual Trunk or Treat at Trinity! Come dressed in your best Halloween costume and fellowship with us as we play games, do a cake walk and go trunk-to-trunk and gather tasty treats!

Festivities begin at 4:00 PM in the parking lot.

For all of the youth ministry happenings at Trinity, check out our page for everything you'll ever need including a loaded event calendar, forms required for participation and Patrick's contact information!

Pumpkin Patch

In the community of Anderson, Trinity is known for our Pumpkin Patch. 

Come pay us a visit and support various charities in our area by buying a pumpkin ready to be carved into a jack-o'-lantern, trying some of our delicious pumpkin muffins or purchasing the perfect corn stalk to decorate your front porch! 

Trinity United Methodist Church
1809 North Main Street
Anderson, SC 29621